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Individualized Educational Program (IEP)

This IEP document is available in a digital format. The Table of Contents lets you scroll directly to specific spots of the IEP document. You can download the IEP or request a paper copy.

Annotated IEP Companion Checklist

The purpose of this document is to support the participation, development, and implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Each section provides questions to help guide discussion. Utilize the IEP Planning Notes column to support your planning and participation for an upcoming IEP meeting.

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Communication Plan of the IEP

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Annotated Communication Plan of the IEP

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Special Education Timelines

Timelines are extremely important for the delivery of special education services. According to Pennsylvania law, Chapter 14 Special Education Services and Programs and Federal Regulations Part 300, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), special education services must be delivered within these mandatory timelines.

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Do you have questions about the special education process or your rights?

If so, these free resource organizations can help with answers!

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Engaging Families in the IEP Process

It is the responsibility of the school to engage families, but it can be unclear how to do this. This document will explore how schools can reframe the IEP process and take active steps to include families as educational partners.

A Course for Professionals about Writing IEPs. Check out the PaTTAN calendar for more opportunities.

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Teachers' Desk Reference Bundle

This bundle includes all 20+ issues in the Teachers' Desk Reference series. Included in this bundle are the following publications:

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