Youth Development

Students must understand their strengths, interests, preferences, personality, as well as their needs and disability. It is a lot easier to create goals for the future when students are able to express themselves.

Steps Towards Youth Development

It's important for students to learn about options and how to make decisions about jobs, education/training and how to live independently.

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When students have self awareness they are able to determine which options for careers, education and living life after high school match their strengths, personality, interests and needs.

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Leadership Skills

When students have leadership skills, they are able to help themselves and other people learn about their own strengths and learn new skills so they can find solutions to challenges.

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Independent Living Skills

When students live “independently”, they are not just living on their own or doing things by themselves; they are also learning how to manage everyday responsibilities and tasks.

Youth Development and Transition Planning

Youth development helps students with transition planning make decisions about their lives and how they want to accomplish their goals. Sometimes it can be hard for students to figure out the best way to get all the things that they want and need. It is important for adults to support students in developing these skills.

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What is the importance of developing youth?

When students are involved in transition planning and have exposure to activities that develop their skills, they are able to make decisions about life and how they want to accomplish post-secondary goals.

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Problem Solving Skills

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Advocacy Skills

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