Cross Agency Collaboration

Youth with disabilities, families and the agency stakeholders who support them make up a powerful network of relationships, knowledge and experience to plan appropriately for individual student postsecondary success.

Ensure All The “Right” People Are At The Table

Successful transition outcomes occur when all necessary stakeholders are part of the planning and implementation process.

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Determining the Right People

IEP teams use various methods to determine which agencies should be included in the planning process. These include transition staffings, community agency nights about employment, and participating in transition conferences and transition coordinating councils.

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Other Events

Other events that can assist in appropriate postsecondary planning include transition fairs and employment expos.

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Local agencies can work with students at school so that they can learn skills needed to meet and make goals for life after school a reality.

Ensuring The Components And Relationships Are In Place For Effective Collaboration

Effective cross agency collaboration seems logical, but awareness of the subindicators help ensure it occurs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Planning for Cross Agency Collaboration

With the right agency collaboration, students will learn what programs, services and activities different agencies have that can help them meet the goals of their transition plan and provide them the skills needed to be successful after high school.

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Knowing Agencies

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Understanding Issues

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Understanding Collaboration

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