Family Engagement

Family Engagement promotes equitable partnerships among schools, families, and communities to actively advance student achievement through shared commitment, decision-making, and responsibility.

Components of Family Engagement

Youth and family engagement in the transition process are important components in successful transition. Family engagement is a powerful, positive mechanism that supports youth resiliency and has a significant impact on student success.

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Family Engagement in Secondary Transition Planning

Educators have a responsibility to ensure that families are active participants in the transition process.

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Family Information Sharing Activities

Practices that provide family members with information and resources to make informed decisions as their student plans for life after high school.

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Family Respite

Support and rest for family members so they can take a break from the demands of everyday life while ensuring youth are safe and cared for.

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Peer to Peer Family Support

Sharing experiences and relevant information for future planning, with other youth and family members, through networking, invited speakers, and local task forces.

Family Resources

Supporting a student with a disability through the education process takes a team approach. As a parent or guardian, you are an essential partner in your student’s education.

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Family Engagement Subindicators

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What Does Family Engagement Do For Secondary Transition Planning?

When families are involved in the planning process

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Relationship Building

 Resource Sharing process icon

Resource Sharing

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Transition Knowledge

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