Person and Family Directed Planning

This type of planning occurs when a group of family members, friends, and support personnel empower students to explore their hopes, dreams, and goals in order for the students to decide their own life and future.

Components of Person and Family Directed Planning

The student’s transition team should ensure all decisions about their future are based on the student’s goals, strengths, interests, preferences, personality, needs and disability. The student should lead the conversation by adding their own opinions, wishes, and desires.

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Authentic Person and Family Centered Planning Practices

Having the students set goals for their future life, using what they know about themselves and what they have learned from others on the team.

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Person and Family Centered Program Design

Offering choices and strategies to students enables them to determine what activities and experiences will help them reach their goals for academics, work experiences, and living options while building their self-determination skills and independence.

Person and Family Directed Transition Planning

Students need to set goals along the way to have a productive future. Planning these goals should be person and family centered, which means the students’ and families' thoughts and experiences matter the most and that they have the power to decide what goals are achievable for them.

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Person and Family Directed Planning Subindcators

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The Importance of Person and Family Centered Planning

When person and family centered planning occurs, choices of programs in school and in the community match the student’s goals, strengths and interests.

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Academic Options

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Employment Options

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