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Self-Management Skill Development

Self-management skill development involves learning how to be responsible and self-aware in order to manage day-today living and achieve personal goals.

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What is self-management?

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Self management skill development includes:

  • Learning about the responsibilities of adult life
  • Being empowered to become problem solvers
  • Practicing skills to help students manage their life such as organizing, setting goals, managing time, and getting along with others
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What is self-management? Check out this video!

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How Can Transition Team Members Support Self-Management Skill Development?

Transition team members can help students develop skills in self-management by:

  • Expecting and supporting students to make many routine choices for themselves through the course of a school day
  • Teaching self-monitoring strategies to keep track of their responsibilities
  • Ensuring students have a functional communication system
  • Working collaboratively with students to facilitate achievement of their goals
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How Can Self-Management Skills Help Students?

When transition team members support the development of self-management skills, students can develop and improve:

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Problem Solving Skills

Identifying challenges to goals and determine one or more solutions to overcome them before they happen.

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Time Management Skills

Taking responsibility for scheduling and tracking day to day tasks and activities.

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Emotional Control

Acknowledging, understanding, and regulating emotions across settings and environments (home, work, school, and community).

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Learning how to figure out the amount of time and effort that it will take to accomplish a task and focusing attention until it’s complete.

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