Having the opportunity to get and keep a job is an important part of life for us all. Youth and young adults with disabilities may benefit from services and supports to overcome barriers.

Goals for Employment

The first and preferred consideration for all individuals should be Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE).

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The individual is paid at a rate not less than minimum wage and not less than the typical rate paid by the employer to other employees. The individual is also eligible for benefits and is afforded opportunities for advancement.

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The individual is employed at a location where they interact with other employees with and without disabilities.

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Other considerations to Competitive Integrated Employment may include the development of Supported Employment or Discovery and Customized Employment.

Exploring Employment

Throughout the school experience, students should be exposed to opportunities to explore careers as well as develop skills to prepare for careers, obtain employment, learn employability skills, and explore entrepreneurship. These skills are provided in schools through the PA Career Education and Work Standards, the PA Career Ready Skills, and through partnerships with outside agencies.

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Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) can help individuals learn about themselves, practice work skills, explore training options and choose a job.

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Self-Advocacy Instruction

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Workplace readiness Training

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Job Exploration Counseling

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Counseling On Post-Secondary Training

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Work-Based Learning

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The PA Community on Transition offers resources on a variety of topics, all focused on improving outcomes for students with disabilities.

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