Independent Living and Community Engagement

Independent Living Skills Development

Independent Living requires students to learn how to manage everyday adult responsibilities for life after high school. Some students may pick up these skills from watching others around them. For some, these skills need to be explicitly taught and should be part of their individualized education plans (IEP).

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Independent Living Skills Development

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Adults Can Help Students By Teaching Skills And Choosing “Just Right Challenges” That Address:

  • Caring for their needs
  • Learning how to get along with people
  • Planning for living arrangements
  • Exploring available resources and supports
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Take a look at using person-driven planning tools to create goals for independent living

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Independent Living Skills Development

Team Members Can Help Build Students’ Independence By Supporting Them Learn How To:

  • Shop for food and cook healthy meals that are in budget
  • Fix things around the house and contact the right expert to fix “the big things”
  • Track spending, save money and keep a good credit score
  • Take care of taxes each year
  • Keep track of the essential items in the home (bathroom supplies, cleaningsupplies, etc)
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What Can Teaching Independent Living Skills Do For Students?

Students may receive instruction and support in independent living learn skills related to:

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Home Maintenance

Being able to fix things that break, keep their home clean and transform their living spaces to fit their goals, needs (like accessibility) and interests.

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Health Living and Safety Skills

Being able to plan meals that make up a healthy diet that fit goals and needs while maintaining safety.

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Money Management

Being able to use a bank and phone applications to save money and track spending to afford the basics and reach long term goals.

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Smart Shopping

Knowing how to shop around for the best option before buying something by finding and comparing reviews of the product, checking prices, and looking for discounts.

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