Transition Planning

Career Exploration Planning and Preparation

Career exploration, planning, and preparation involves learning about careers. The student’s transition team can build awareness about types of work opportunities available in areas the student might be most interested in pursuing during and after high school. The team can also work with the student to set a schedule of when things are due and what is needed to support their career aspirations.

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Gain Knowledge, Set Goals

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The transition team is charged with helping the student become aware of possible career paths and help the student discover interests, personality traits, preferences, and strengths related to job skills. Through effective, age-appropriate transition assessments, the team can help the student begin to answer critical questions and set goals specific to a future career path.

  • Why is it important to work?
  • What are the student’s interests, personality traits, preferences, and strengths?
  • What are the best ways to explore possible career paths?
  • What types of support might be needed to pursue a career path of interest?
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Let’s hear about the importance of making the connection between strengths, interests, and a possible career path.

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How Can The Team Help Students Explore, Plan, And Prepare For A Career?

The transition team can support career exploration planning and preparation in a variety of ways.

  • Providing opportunities for the student to explore career options based on their strengths, interests, abilities, and goals.
  • Directly teaching and providing opportunities to practice skills such as interviewing, engaging with co-workers, keeping a schedule, and managing money.
  • Ensuring appropriate career classes are included in the student’s schedule during high school that are aligned with and will help prepare them for the identified career path. How can you explore jobs to find out which is right for you?
  • Connecting students with paid employment opportunities and the necessary training to be successful in that job.
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Career Exploration, Planning, and Preparation: A Pathway to Success

Transition teams can support students for successful careers by following a clear pathway to employment.

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Build Awareness

Ensure students are aware of possible career choices that best match their interests, personality, preferences, and strengths.

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Gain Experience

Encourage students to participate in real-life job experiences to identify best matches between their strengths and required job-specific skills.

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Build Skills

Teach students critical job-related skills such as how to write a resume, participate in an interview, and communicate effectively with colleagues.

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Get Paid

Connect students with paid employment during high school in an area related to their post-school goals.

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