Career Exploration

Career exploration helps improve students’ knowledge of career options, encouraging them to develop and work toward goals. During this process, adults can help students identify occupations or jobs that suit their interests, values, and abilities.

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Career Awareness and Preparation

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The process of exploring careers involves many components. Adults can help students explore:

  • Aptitudes and Abilities
  • Personal Interests
  • Non Traditional Workplace Roles
  • Local Career Preparation Opportunities
  • Career Selection Influences
  • Preparation for Careers
  • Career Plan Components
  • Relationship Between Education and Career
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What does career exploration include?

During the career exploration process, adults should help students:

  • Explore career options based on personal interests, abilities, aptitudes, achievements and goals
  • Create opportunities for students to try working in different jobs, like internships, to learn about the responsibilities of the jobs
  • Learn about the academic and work experience requirements of different jobs
  • Provide opportunities for students to speak with and be mentored by professionals working in their fields of interest
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Benefits of Career Exploration

Exploring career options is an important part of a student’s transition planning process.

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Take Multiple Assessments

Students should complete a variety of assessments to help identify their interests, aptitudes, abilities, and goals.

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Explore Career Options

Students should learn to consider career options as they relate to their interests, aptitudes, abilities, and goals.

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Understand Career Pathways

Students should explore the different pathways that are associated with a career to determine the process needed to achieve their career of interest.

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Create a Plan

Students should work with adults to ensure they are taking classes and accessing activities and experiences related to their career areas of interest.

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