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Transition Fairs

Transition fairs are excellent for organizations, programs and businesses to come together for students and families to learn what resources and supports are available to them in their communities that are aligned with their post school goals.

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What Typically Occurs At A Transition Fair:

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At a transition fair:

  • Agencies, organizations, nonprofits and businesses share information related to the transition programs, services and supports they provide
  • Students may practice interview and social skills
  • Students may learn about classes they can take during and after high school that will help them learn more about the skills required for the jobs and careers in which they are most interested
  • Students and families learn about paid work experiences and on-going training opportunities
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What Does It Take To Plan A Transition Fair At My School?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to host a transition fair at your school? Work with a committee to consider these key components:

  • Participants
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Vendors, Exhibitors, and Resources
  • Timeline
  • Location
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What Can Transition Fairs Do For Students?

Transition fairs are most successful when all partners in the transition planning process work together to provide diverse and varied presentations, learning opportunities, and exhibitors that focus on:

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Career Awareness

Students have the opportunity to learn about different career opportunities in their area.

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Community Experiences

Students learn about different opportunities within their community and build networks with different agencies, organizations, and employers.

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Students can learn about how to access available resources to support their transition goals.

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Coordinated Efforts

Students benefit from families, schools, agencies and other partners working together to provide increased opportunities.

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