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Transition Conferences

A transition conference, like any conference, brings together people, organizations, programs, and sometimes businesses interested in sharing and receiving information. Students and families attend transition conferences to learn more about their transition journey as well as the services and supports available to them.

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Transition Conferences in Pennsylvania

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Take a quick look at some of what the PA Community on Transition Conference has to offer

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What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Transition Conference?

The PA Community on Transition Conference is open to educators, students, families, agencies, and other professionals supporting students of transition age. There are many benefits to attending including:

  • Learning about best practices
  • Networking with others
  • Accessing resources and programs
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What Can Attending A Transition Conference Do For Students?

Students who attend the transition conference can:

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Students can connect with other students with and without disabilities, as well as connect to the Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network.

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Students will learn about the transition planning process and the resources available to help them.

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Students will be able to access different resources, supports, and programs to support their transition to adulthood.

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Students will build skills to empower them to take ownership of their transition plan.

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