Social Skills Development

Social skills are about knowing which ways of communicating (speaking, American Sign Language (ASL), writing, speech-to-text, etc.) work best and how students can use them successfully at home, school, work and the community. Social skills are also about listening closely to learn about what others share with one another and being able to work through conflict and negotiate.

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What Social Skills Are Critical For Career Readiness?

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Thinking about social skills through the lens of post secondary outcomes is critical. Here is how PA defines social skill development.

  • Self Awareness and self management
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Social probleming solving skills
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PA Career Ready Skills Toolkit

The Pennsylvania Career Ready Skills (PA CRS) are social emotional learning progressions that support the development of student competence. This toolkit introduces the PA Career Ready Skills (PA CRS) and Continuum and provides resources for local education agency (LEA) and teacher implementation. Access resources for:

  • Implementation
  • Employability Skills
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Engaging Families
  • I Can Statements
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What Is Needed For Social Skill Development?

Critical skills include:

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Maintaining relationships

Students may need instruction in making relationships and keeping them.

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Community Based Experiences

Students may benefit from practicing social skills in community-based experiences.

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Creating Healthy Boundaries

Students may need to be taught skills for setting healthy boundaries with trust and respect.

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Social Skills In Real World

Students receiving social skills instruction need experiences related to education, employment, and independent living.

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