Transition Planning

Postsecondary and College Planning

Postsecondary and college planning involves learning about education opportunities available after high school, such as college, vocational or technical programs, continuing education programs, or apprenticeships. The transition team should support students in learning about the many available postsecondary education options and help to build the necessary skills they will need to succeed in those settings.

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Gain Knowledge, Set Goals

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The transition team is charged with helping students become aware of possible postsecondary education and training options and to help them discover their own interests, preferences, and strengths related to education and training options available after high school. Through effective, age-appropriate assessments, the team can help students begin to answer critical questions and set goals specific to a future education/training path. Assessments should help to answer:

  • In which courses/subject areas are students most interested in or most successful in high school?
  • What are the students’ career goals and interests?
  • What education or training is needed to secure employment in those areas?
  • What skills are needed to ensure the students are successful in the necessary postsecondary education or training setting?
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Let’s hear about the importance of making the connection between strengths, interests, and future education and training options.

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How Can Adults Assist Students?

The transition team can support postsecondary education and training planning by...

  • Helping students learn about the many options available for education and training after graduation as well as helping the students match their strengths and interests with the best option.
  • Ensuring the students’ schedule includes opportunities to participate in classes, programs, and instruction that are directly aligned with and will prepare them for the education or training program identified.
  • Directly teaching and giving students opportunity to practice skills that will set them up for success in the identified education or training program. This could include filling out college/program applications or practicing interview skills.
  • Connecting the students with current employees in careers of interest so thy can learn about the necessary training and program requirements to be successful in their career(s) of interest.
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Postsecondary and College Planning: A Pathway to Success

Transition teams can support students in preparing for successful postsecondary education and training experiences by following a clear pathway to success.

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Make a Plan

Creating a clear plan that connects the students’ strengths, interests, preferences, and career goals with the necessary postsecondary education and training option(s).

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Meet Prerequisites

Ensuring the students will have met all course requirements and have gained the knowledge and skills needed to enroll in the selected postsecondary education or training program that aligns with their career goals.

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Build Postsecondary Skills

Preparing the students by building skills needed to be successful in the postsecondary education or training program including time management, organization, and prioritization.

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Learn Career Skills

Guiding the students to fully understand what skills they need to eventually secure their desired job and be successful in that field and identifying a path to mastery of those skills.

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