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Postsecondary Career Training Programs

There is not one right postsecondary path for every high school student. Attending college or university is not an interest or option for everyone. There are so many other options students can select from when planning their future education and training needs that will help them eventually reach their employment goals. Career training programs may be the right fit for a student to achieve their dreams.

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What Is A Career Training Program?

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Career training programs offer students the opportunity to develop critical skills while, in many cases, also preparing students to earn specialized certificates. Career training programs typically include a combination of classes and hands-on, practical learning experiences. Transition teams can help students determine if a career training program is right for them by identifying requirements needed to secure a job in their desired field.

  • What career options are most aligned with the student’s interests, strengths, and preferences?
  • Do these careers or jobs require specific certifications or training?
  • Where are the certification or training programs offered and which setting is the best fit for the student?
  • What skill areas might the student need to improve through a career training program to be successful in their desired career?
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CareerOneStop’s video collection is a great place to begin exploring possible career training program options

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Determining If A Career Training Program Is The Right Choice?

The transition team can help the students determine if a career training program is the right fit by exploring some of the options available.

  • Non-degree or certification program for students with disabilities located in the setting of a 2- or 4-year college or university
  • Vocational or technical programs/schools
  • Adult education and continuing education programs
  • Apprenticeship or employer-provided job-training programs
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Postsecondary Career Training Programs: A Pathway to Success

Transition teams can support students who are preparing for career training programs by outlining the opportunities available through such programs.

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Learn Skills

Students can learn content and skills to prepare them for what they will need to know and do in a job.

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Earn Certificates

Students can boost their marketability and gain specific skill sets through certification programs.

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Network Opportunities

Students can engage with employers and make other connections to help support them in their path to employment.

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Secure Employment

With the skills, knowledge, certifications, and experience gained through career training programs, students can earn competitive salaries and benefits.

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You can access a list of possible career training programs in PA (licenced as Private Licensed Schools) here.



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