Independent Living and Community Engagement

Community Based Experiences

Community-based instruction and experiences provide students with opportunities to learn skills in the community to prepare them for being an integral part of the community. Thoughtfully selected settings and tasks should be relevant to the transitioning student. Activities should be age-appropriate to meet the transition needs of the student.

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Community Based Experiences

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Community based experience can be organized in several domains to provide students well-rounded experiences and skills which will support their independent living aspirations. With thorough and individualized planning, goals, instruction, and activities in the community, students will be provided with the practice and acquisition of live long community partnerships and participation.

  • Domestic Domain (self-management,home maintenance, and daily living)
  • Vocational Domain (in-school jobs, non-paid volunteer experience, paid competitive employment, and supported employment)
  • Recreation and Leisure Domain (school activities,individual, family and friends recreation,and physical fitness activities)
  • Community Domain (shopping, dining,community service participation, and accessing community services)
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Learn about how community based instruction helps build skills to support students’ transitions

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Outcomes of Community Based Experiences

Community based experience results in the acquisition and application of functional and age appropriate skills in the natural environment. Students who participate in in community based learning experiences.

  • Develop supportive skills to communicate social needs and preferences
  • Improve Social awareness, opportunities, and skills learned to get along with others and make connections
  • Continue learning about oneself authentically, so that one can plan for work, school, and being part of the community after graduation
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What Can Community Based Learning Do For Students?

When a student is supported with community based learning, here’s what can happen:

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At Home

self-management,home maintenance,daily living.

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On the Job

in-school jobs, non-paid volunteer experience,paid competitive employment, and supported employment.

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For Fun

school activities,individual, family and friends recreation, and physical fitness activities.

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In the Community

shopping, dining, community service participation, and accessing community services.

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