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Pre-College Experience Programs

If students are interested in continuing their education after high school, encourage them to explore pre-college programs. These programs go beyond a campus tour and are typically over the summer. Students may live on campus, take classes and/or have a mentor to help guide them to becoming independent and successful in college.

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Why Should Students Participate In A Pre-College Program?

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There are many benefits for students to experience a pre-college program.

  • Students will get to “try out” college. This will allow them to identify areas of strength and areas to grow.
  • A pre-college program is more than a tour. Students may take classes, live on campus, and enjoy what college has to offer.
  • Students are able to take college classes during the summer.
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You Can’t Go Back When the Future is Here: Student, Parent and College Transition Timeline

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How can transition teams support access to pre-college programs?

Thinking about college can be stressful for families, but especially for students. Here are some ways to help students determine if college is right for them.

  • Review interests, strengths, and areas of growth.
  • Explore colleges online.
  • Support students by asking questions like, does this college provide a pre-college experience? How does one access the disability support office?
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Why Attend A Pre-College Program?

The benefits of attending a pre-college program include:

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Program knowledge

Students will learn about the programs available to them and how to apply for them.

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Support Knowledge

Students will be able to explore the academic and independent living supports available at a college or university.

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College Credits

Students may earn college credit for the course they attend while still in high school.

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Campus Skills

Students will learn hands-on what life is like to live on a college campus.

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