Employer Partnerships

Establishing and maintaining relationships with employers is a key component for successful transition planning.

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Engagement Strategies

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In order to create relationships with employers, schools and agencies need to use effective engagement strategies to create opportunities for students with disabilities. Considerations include:

  • Streamlining referrals
  • Establishing a single point of contact
  • Considering appropriate work-based learning tools
  • Including local business organizations on planning committees
  • Promoting the educator in the workplace learning opportunities
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Take a look at what great outcomes can occur when partnerships are created with employers

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Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Business Services

OVR’s Business Services Division can work directly with employers to recruit and retain qualified students who meet their workforce needs. They can assist with:

  • Staffing
  • Analyzing workplace accessibility
  • Providing financial incentives
  • Training on disability awareness
  • Providing networking resources
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What Can Partnering With Employers Do For Students?

When students have options to interact with employers, they benefit from:

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Work-Based Learning Experiences

Students can be provided with opportunities to learn job skills in the careers of their choice.

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Mentorship Opportunities

Students can access support from individuals in the field of their interest.

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Job Coaching

Students can receive individualized and structured supports while on the job.

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Students will have the opportunity to build relationships with employers to help them be successful later in life.

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