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Independent Living Skill Development

It’s important for teams to consider the skills that student’s need to learn in order to live independently and create programming to support skill acquisition.

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What is Independent Living Skill Development?

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Students need to learn skills to manage everyday responsibilities for life after high school including:

  • Having good health and hygiene
  • Being able to manage money and pay bills
  • Managing time to maintain a schedule
  • Being safe and independent
  • Accessing and maintaining housing
  • Accessing needed supports and resources
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Connecting the Dots: Housing Services for Independent Living

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How can adults support independent living skills development

Instruction is critical to develop and improve skills for independent living.

  • Independence with making routine choices
  • Food Prep and cooking skills
  • Home maintenance skills
  • Purchasing skills
  • Functional life skills
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How Can Independent Living Skills Help Students?

Students can learn skills to promote independence in a variety of areas

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Learn how to obtain and maintain a safe place to live.

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Personal Care

Learn how and when to schedule appointments to maintain good health, hygiene, and wellness.

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Money and Budgeting

Learn how to access money from a bank, save money, and track spending to afford both the basics and reach long term financial goals.

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Learn how to keep needed items in stock, how to find the best deals, and how to live within a budget.

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Learn about how the Life Course tools can be used to plan for the future independence.



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