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Faith Based Experiences

Community involvement, for some, may include connections to faith based organizations. Faith based activities are organized by a church, synagogue,mosque, or other place of worship.

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Faith Based Activities

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Benefits of participation in faith based activities can support students in many different ways as they pursue additional growth in their community, both socially and personally.

  • Help students explore and learn their faith
  • Develop their understanding, acceptance, and compassion for others
  • Provide them a safe place where they can build and maintain trusting relationships
  • Increase friendships and belonging in a community
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What Do Faith Based Experiences Include?

Pointing a student and family toward faith based opportunities in the community might include:

  • Finding opportunities to express their values and beliefs
  • Finding faith based mentors who share similar values and beliefs
  • Joining one’s family in a faith based community
  • Exploring faith community opportunities so one may be chosen that is a best fit for a student
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What Can Faith Based Experiences Do For Students?

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Social Networking

Sharing time with others in a community helps to build friendships and relationships.

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Making social choices for oneself offers the opportunity to build valuable life-long skills.

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Being able to advocate for one’s beliefs to build a sense of confidence within the community.

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Community Connection

Being a part of a faith based community provides connection to others who may have similar values and beliefs which gives a sense of belonging.

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